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About Long Island Web Solutions

Long Island Web Solutions is a web design company. We operate out of beautiful Long Island, NY. Our focus is to help small businesses, churches and individuals maximize their presence on the Web. See our services page for a list of services provided. The founder, Roderick Breem, graduated from Katharine Gibbs College in Melville, NY, with a focus on web development. He lives with his wife and four children. He believes that every Web site should be highly functional and stylish. Mr. Breem mostly uses Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop for his projects. Besides building web sites, Roderick enjoys running, photography, being outdoors, playing golf, (online) reading and trying new foods.


Q: How long does a web design project normally take?
A: Every project is different. It really depends on how big the project is. However, if the project is relatively small the average time is 2-3 weeks.

Q: Do you do Web site redesign?
A: I sure do! Sometimes all a company needs is a simple redesign. The textual information stays the same. This is a great hassle-free way to reinvent your business.

Q: As a client what will you need from me?
A: The foundations of every good web site are graphics and content. So if you have pictures that relate to the Web site send them my way. And content is king! Think through what you want conveyed beforehand.

Q: What is the best way to contact you?
A: I check my email many times daily (rbreem@gmail.com) and I am very good about promptly responding. That applies for new customers and existing clients.

Q: How often will you update my Web site?
A: As much as you need. We charge a flat monthly fee for updates. FYI: If your web site is updated often it helps with search ran kings and SEO.

Q: How important is it to have social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter?
A: In my opinion it is essential. It is a fact that more and more people (your customers included) are interacting on those social media sites. It is imperative to stay current in this digital age.


"Provides a great service at a great price. Took my website and made it clear, concise, and easily manageable. Questions or problems are answered and handled very quickly and Rod is very easy to work with. Would definitely recommend his services to others...."
Shawn, Razor Coaching.

"LIWS took our old Dalmingo Society website and changed it into something more modern and flashy, for which we are very grateful. Rod was extremely patient with me while working on this and he didn't want to relaunch the site til I was completely satisfied. Great product for a great price!"
Shirley, The Dalmingo Society